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Monthly Archives: July 2009

This is probably one of the best T-shirts I’ve seen in a long time.

Picture 12



Make your own madmen character here.

Music Video trail blazers does it again. This time with Coldplay and Chris Martin.

more pictures here at complex

In anticipation for the movie “Where wild things are” I started scouring the web and found some gems. First these amazing vinyl figure. From We love you so. More to come in future posts.

I just really like these images by illustrator Rafael Grampa.

check out more here.

Still one of my favorite moments from 30 rock.

ohppStxK0l7wuy7qZRh5fMDfo1_500.jpgJust picked up the red ones… Oldschool. Reminds me of old Nike trainers that runners in the 70s would wear.

Picture 3Picture 1Picture 4

I had the wonderful opportunity to help out Motion Theory with one of their spots. I helped out with the initial designs. I found this on-line today and I got to say they out did themselves again. My good friend of my Jesus de Francisco and Matt Cullen directed this beautiful spot.