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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Peter Souza is the Chief Official White House Photographer for President Obama. Peter Souza has also been the Official White house photographer during Reagan’s presidency. I’ve been thinking about photography more, mostly concentrating on not just the craft but also the ability to capture the moment. I think having access to the back corners of the White House he probably has seen some amazing moments. You almost have to be invisible in a way. The people around you have to be comfortable enough for you to take a snap shot anytime.

Also for the first time if you don’t know already the White House is on Flickr. The first 100 days.

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I’ve been on a hat hunt lately, it’s fall and it’s hat season for me. I came upon this image and I was pretty intrigued. A hat that doesn’t draw too much attention to  itself yet stands out on its own. I love that type of design. Hard graft is an Australian and English creative team that makes products out of sustainable material. Oh and it looks damn good too. They use 100% Wool felt and premium leather. The item that caught my eye was the new hat they have featured. It goes on sale today! I want one of those!  here are some images.

logo-tumblrPicture 16hardgraft-headwear-00

Eliss is the new tetris. I love the iconic designs and colors that they use. I just downloaded it and started messing with it. Try the lite version.

Picture 3Picture 5Picture 6Picture 7

I’m a huge fan of Geoff Mcfetridge. He’s not only responsible for the hand written scrawl that is all over Where the Wild Things Are ads, but he also is a partner for Solitary Arts. I’ve always been a big fan of Geoff Mcfetridge because of his ability to take ideas and do them in the simplest form. Simplest doesn’t mean it’s easy, its probably one of the hardest things to do. Anyone can make a crazy photo-type-collage, but a lot of times those things are good for a few seconds. The effects of the eye candy fades and your left with nothing after you leave the image. But what GM does is much more he goes to the center of the idea and represents it with simplicity and great thought. The idea is king in all of his designs and illustrations. I hope my designs can have that type of thought and authenticity in the future.


Blu is a Bueno Aires motion painting artist that was responsible for the amazing video MUTO. Now he has combined forces with renown artist David Ellis to bring motion painting to another level.

I’ve been very interested in this sector of design + branding. Why don’t more companies do this? Branding + Motion. I think a lot of my frustration in doing motion design is that the ideas are not thought out before they go into animation. So half the time you are animating the strategy is off and we are fixing the strategy as we are animating, which is the wrong way to work. The other question is why aren’t brands thinking of themselves more as a moving entity? Everything in media is moving. It’s going to be on your laptop, your cell phone and on your kindle. So why are people still doing old fashion branding in print. It should be thought of in every medium. There needs to be a new type of branding that hits on all mediums without losing the main message. I think that is the future of branding in general. Moving Brand is one company that is pushing this idea.


Should I buy a house? What should I have for breakfast? What type of illustrations do I want to make? How come it’s taking so long? These are questions I ask myself everyday. I don’t know why but it seems every year the question have more weight to them. Good thing I found these charts in decision making to help me in my big decisions in life. Toast or Bagel?

Picture 20v8hjgpcfaortwf3adntoa8eoo1-500tumblr_kpbhsuasOs1qzr91ro1_500


I know where I’ll be October 15th around midnight. Where the Wild Things Are has new posters, check em out. photo_16_hiresphoto_24_hiresphoto_21_hiresphoto_20_hiresAlso K.K. Barrett is the Production Designer

I’ve always been a big fan of John Varvatos. I love the subtle details in all of the clothes he makes, he’ll take a simple zip up hoodie and just add the right details to it to make it bold. I think a lot of the details are made for the person wearing it and not so much for people to see. I love that type of design. I must find a pair of these. the j.v. store


directdaily via gizmodo