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Monthly Archives: October 2009

We were Once a Fairy Tale” a short film by Kanye West and Spike Jonze. Wait for the end it’s worth it. The film hits on some level that we all have been through, walking down dark paths, facing our demons, and coming in terms with them.


Kanye_Spike03Picture 3


Super talented Chris Appelhans has always been doing amazing work. I’m always super excited to check out what type of work he’s been up to. These are some of his new works from Fantastic Mr. Fox.



Man, this takes me back. 3 of my favorite MCs in one song plus DJ premier.

Felice Varini’s new project Cercle et suite d’├ęclats incorporates the buildings in the town of Vercorin in the Swiss Alps. From a certain vantage point you can see the circle pattern throughout the town. Pieces of this size astound me.


I can’t wait for Basketball to start. This new commercial for Adidas basketball is pretty dope.

Milton Glazer talks about the importance of drawing. In his words drawing is thinking. He talks about the fundamentals of drawing as a way of seeing and thinking. Some art schools have gotten rid of drawing as standard and opted for all the computer gadgetry. But what is really missing is once you learn those tools you realize that there is not enough foundation. I’m paraphrasing here but it’s true. I think its important to keep drawing and making things as a designer or artist. It keeps you sharp as a thinker and image maker. Photoshop, Maya, or any computer program won’t replace good thinking. I see them all the same as the pencil, its a tool to get your ideas across. milton

Just had and idea as I was watching Madmen. Bert Cooper is one of the senior partners of Sterling Cooper for those that don’t watch the show.
Bert would always come into the room and have these one liners that were just gems. I’ve come to like a lot of the old wisdom that he bestows upon us. So from now on I’m going to keep track of all the good quotes I come across and post them here.

In the scene Bert asks Roger what his job is all about. Roger replies: “It’s listening to people and never saying what’s on your mind.”
Bert say:

“Its about letting go so you can get what what you want.” – Bert Cooper


Well if you have 300+K to spend freely I would recommend the new Lexus LFA. I’m not usually a car guy but this one caught my eye. I’ve always wondered who was going to make another car as cool as the Prelude or Supra….well here it is.


Okay okay. I’ll stop with the Wild Things posts for a while. But! there’s a plethora of things that relate to that movie and This is the most intriguing one yet. Back in 1983 believe it or not, Disney and a little know director at the time named John Lasseter set out to make an animated version of Where the Wild things are. This is an animation test that shows really primitive 3D coupled with cell animation. This blows my mind the fact that it was done in 1983. Enjoy!

nook_angle view

Does Kindle need to be afraid?
The 3.5 inch color touchscreen LCD is a nice touch.