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Michael Spoljaric has been the art director for Nike Basketball since 2004. As I look at his plethora of work I can’t help but ask myself why am I not doing something like this. I really believe more and more that if you are going to be good at what you do you need to do it for 5+ years, and more to be amazing at it.

I’ve been trying to find something that I can sink my teeth into and really believe in as well. Is it developing your own brand? or is it finding a brand that you have an infinity towards? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself lately. I feel like finding the right client for yourself is half the battle of doing good work. There will be clients that don’t understand what you do, and frankly don’t care. But I feel like if you find the right patron to your art or design you will be able to show the world what you can make. Mr. Spoljaric definitely found the right patron for his work. Found from


AG_29witness-3LetterPress1 copyKobe 3 4 copywitness 6


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