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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Miko Lim has great style. If you watch the “behind the scene” videos for his shoots, its just two automatic point and shoots he’s using. Pretty cool.


These are probably some most creative illustrations I’ve seen. I’ve followed Christopher Nieman for a while his illustrations are amazing. It’s more like his ideas are amazing and he finds great creative ways to get his ideas across. I love this Bio Diversity series that his has just posted up in his New York Times column. Check out his other stories they are pretty amazing.

Hey check it out! Best of Me is one of the projects I am working that will eventually be an animated short. Here’s a sneak peak wallpaper project style thanks to Bobby at Kitsune Noir. Also here is the link to my website as well.

Anthony Pappalardo’s pro model shoe on CONS. love the colors.

Dieter Ram of one the most influential designers of the 20st century. Not only in his field of product design but in design in general. His philosophy of the fundamentals of design and what they should be are far reaching even to our era of design and to the end. He has been designing at Braun for over the last 40 years.