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Monthly Archives: February 2010

I’ve always been a big fan of Evan Hecox’s amazing photo-esc prints. I recently came across Arkitip’s store and I just had to just grab both of these items.


Mind blown… wait for the end.

Neil Blomkamp of District 9 fame talks about his thoughts on the possibilities of extra terrestrials in outer space. It’s a pretty interesting take on things. Waht he talks about really feels

Adobe teamed up with Wired magazine to bring you the next evolution of design. According to my friend that works at Adobe, Adobe Air is a combination of Illustrator, Flash, and In-design. I’m pretty excited about this as a designer. It’s something that I’ve been waiting for. It’s a convergence is necessary from both ends. As a user I like the fact that you can get all different types of experiences in one. Design + Motion + Interaction with your content and brands. I think it’s pretty exciting. Also as a designer finally there something that you can design for that enables you to use all your skills into 1 experience, instead of doing exporting your idea into different compartments. Regular advertisers have a TV, Print, and Web teams in-house usually. I really think this is the shape of things to come, 1 experience that take every medium into account. It’s a new way to think and design which makes me very excited.

I love the line quality of Jose Mertz’s work. The subject matter is across between the subconscious and the real flesh.

Damn fine tea collaborate with the duo Aesthetic Apparatus to give us this pop iconic tea packaging. Check it out here.