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John C. Jay recently responded when asked the question – What is Real?

“There has never been a more exciting time to be a creative person. Clearly there are so many unknowns facing us, so many challenges from social ills to business failings to economic collapse. Thousands of retail stores will close in America this year and the ranks of the unemployed grows by the day.

So how dare anyone look at the world with any optimism?

No one can deny the global pain this is all afflicting. But for better or worse, this is creating a self-editing process of talent, brands, organizations and leadership. What is real, what is authentic and more importantly, what is innovative will survive and grow. This honesty and being true to your values is not just a wonderful personal trait, it is the foundation for any great design or brand. The choices will undoubtedly become fewer but what creatives must do is to make sure the choices become better…”


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