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Monthly Archives: May 2011


Don’t let anyone define who we really are by their terms. via stapledesign

Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant drafted the same year. 1996 NBA Draft. Iverson, Camby, Nash, J. Oneal, Ilgauskas, D. Fish… whew what a class.

Going to Paris soon. I thought these spots was appropriate right now in my life, this came out a few months ago. I think the thing that makes these pieces work is the hand held feel to the filming. It feels like anyone can make it. Maybe the feeling is more that anyone can have this experience. Obviously these pieces took planning and hard work to achieve. But part of what I feel like is the accessibility of these pieces. They feel so simple, transparent and very well done.

This piece was filmed by Gustav Johnasson, and designed by Albin Holmqvist

I just read Do the Work from Steven Pressfield. If you have a kindle hurry up and download it, it’s free. I sat down and finished it in one sitting. This book was what I needed to read right now at this point of my life. Just like I needed to read the Fountainhead when I found it, just like when I needed to watch Fight Club it was there for me in college. All those things did one thing. It kicked my ass and made me ask myself what am I doing with my life.

This book to me is about making something. If you are doing something creative, if you ever had an ounce of self doubt, if you ever have asked yourself am I doing the right thing here? This book is for you. It talks about the struggles of creatives and the journey that we go through. The journey is long and it’s lonely. But it’s good to know that someone has walked to the belly of the beast and have come back to share their tale with us.

One of the things that stuck up to me is he mentioned his 3 weapons against what he calls the resistance. The resistance  is anything that stops you from where you want to go. Most of the time the resistance lives inside of us. Be stupid, Be stubborn, Be blind.

When we were kids I remember I used to do these dare devil stunts. I didn’t do it for any other reason except I knew I could. I remember this one playground had a ridiculously high swings. I didn’t like the swings back then I used to walk across the thin metal beam back and forth back and forth. How stupid was that!? I had no concept of the ground. No concept of falling. I just knew I could walk across back and forth, and that’s what I didn’t . I never fell not even once. I guess that’s what Steven Pressman meant when he said Be stupid. Be blind. I realized as I got older I started thinking too much. I started listening to the voices outside of me instead of the one inside.

Thanks Steve, Thanks Seth for taking the time.

My creative endeavor started 3 years ago. The Best of Me is a visual album I have been trying to make for the last few years. I realized I was not happy at my old job because I didn’t get to make anything with my hands anymore. I realized I was not becoming the artist / creative I knew I could be. I was becoming a better manager day by day. But artistically I was floundering. I sucked my creative well dry and I was running on fumes. I loved the people there, But I was getting better at the art of middle management rather than finding my own art. I traded big brand names and a comfortable middle management job to go out on my own. I quit that job because I had to find my creative mojo again. If I had never done that I would not be able to realize how deep my creativity goes now. I wake up everyday, and if I do the work, solve the problems. I am a happy man.

Your right Steve… it’s about commitment. I’ve been one foot out the door at a lot of places, and I’ve always searched for a place to put two feet in. I have found it, it’s been right under my nose this whole time. The creativity comes from within, the hard part is to cultivate it and have the courage to ship out your vision. Thank you for reminding me that.