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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Individuals and Companies should do and say those things that they actually believe and they will attract the same people that believe in what they believe in as well. Simon Sinek who is a great speaker talks about authenticity and trust. He talks about how everything we do is a symbol of who and what we represent. It’s not about posturing, or disguising or telling others what you are. It’s just being honest with oneself and being okay with what you are as a company, as an individual. That’s how you authentically make connections.


Stunning painting by Fredrik Rattze. Need to found out more info about this artist but these images are hauntingly beautiful.




Found via Ace Hotel

One of my favorite players retired recently. He’s my favorite not only because he was the only player in the league that was Chinese, but he a force. Personal story, I had the opportunity of working on a Yao commercial for Reebok Chine a few years back. The thing I remember the most is that he was a super funny guy. He was joking about how my shirt was green like the green screen we were about to shoot him on. And on top of it he was quick. I only wished we got to see him play longer. In this age of giant brands, and athletes taking talents to other cities. No one had bigger pressure on him to perform. He had the weight of a nation on his shoulders, yet Yao was consistent and he was unwavering. These traits may not make up the best NBA player in the end but it does make for a good role model.