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Monthly Archives: July 2012

COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg  speaks to the 2012 class of HBS. Some of her advice is great.

Careers are not on a ladder anymore, it’s a jungle gym. There’s no steady climb anymore. It’s about finding opportunities that lets you grow, lets you make impact, and finding a company that has a true mission. It doesn’t matter what direction you move sideways, or down. The most important thing is about getting and building your skill sets. It’s NOT about titles and what you achieved before. It’s about what you can do right NOW.

– This is so true and I have experienced it. I realized when my career was on the right path it was when I didn’t care about my title and went after learning the most I can learn. I learned skill sets that I knew were important and would set me up for the future.

Be your authentic self. Bring your whole self to work. You don’t bring a professional self to work and a different one goes on weekend trips. This is true. I think it’s so true. From the designers standpoint what you have to leverage the most is yourself. Your insight to the problems and challenges at hand. You have to be yourself because that’s how you are able to solve problems for your clients in a more human way.


A man’s 23 year old journey around the world. What started out as a 18 month tour in 1989 has continued to this day. This is Gunther Holtorf’s incredible story.  Photography by Gunther Holtorf and David Lemke.

Directed by Adam Berg. MPC on vfx. Channeling Mario and Donkey Kong. 

Music video by Kalle Mattson the city shots in this video are amazing, especially the ones where the camera is spinnig around. These animated gifs of the city of SF are RAD. 


















This is so good. by Olly Moss


The 1992 Dream Team. If you havn’t caught it yet and your a basketball fan or just a fan of the sports. This is a can’t miss. I love the fact that the dream team’s only loss came at the hands of a bunch of college kids at their first scrimmage. Who knew.

Jon Burgerman. First found him thru AOL redesign by Wolff Olins. The black and white illustrations reveal a fun and sort of primitive quality to it. This guys is part Keith Herring, part Spongebob, and all fun.  I love how his stuff evolved. It’s like how Neil Gaiman said about making art, just keep doing something you love the world will crack and lets you in.