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Found this article though a advertising friend of mine. The gist of what I got from this article is that in order to be a good creative you need to be great at other things as well. The craft of writing and designing the work is just as important as the idea. If you have a great idea and you can’t execute it then it’s only half the game. I stole that one from Kyle Cooper. He said not only do you have to come up with the ideas you have to get your “hand” into it. In this age of digital creation where playing field is leveled by the software everyone uses, the thing that will make your work different is you as a person.

“In my experience, the most successful creative agencies are the ones with the most diverse set of weird people. The web designer who moonlights as a furniture maker. The copywriter who started life as a children’s book author. Musicians, craftsman, game designers, the passionate and the obsessive … these are the people we want filling our creative departments. People for whom “concepting” is a constant state of mind. Kids who grew up studying comic books and albums sleeves, not award annuals.

Ultimately, change is in our hands. If we prize craft above all else, we can continue to be proud of the quality of work we put out into the world. And if we focus on developing our young talent once they’re in, there’s no doubt they’ll shoulder in the next generation of great ideas, big and small.”

Sanam Petri is an associate creative director at R/GA London. She talks about how it’s important to not only be the one that is able to come up with the great ideas but it’s also be able to execute it. The devil is in the details. 


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