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Rolling Stones mag goes behind the scenes of Madmen.

Show creator Weiner starts each season by having lunch with Hamm: “It’s a rare partnership. I always scribble something down that ends up in Episode 13.”

Jon Hamm – “I fly very low on the radar,” says Hamm. “Mark Twain said it: ‘I’d rather say nothing and be thought an idiot than open my mouth and remove all doubt.’

I’ve always been a big fan of John Varvatos. I love the subtle details in all of the clothes he makes, he’ll take a simple zip up hoodie and just add the right details to it to make it bold. I think a lot of the details are made for the person wearing it and not so much for people to see. I love that type of design. I must find a pair of these. the j.v. store



Loopwheeler and Nike partnered up for a limited run.
“Each fleece is cut and screen printed by hand, meticulously spun on vintage Loopwheeler looms with utmost care and precision.”





Don and Betty Drapper looking perfect as usual. VF article here



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