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I always take some time before the end of the year to reflect upon what I did this last year. Check off the things I accomplished and take stock of the things that I did right and wrong so next year can be a better one. I was sifting through old notes and I wrote down on a Post-it – Don’t Bail. I remember quickly transcribing these words as I was watching Randy Pausch’s talk. Among the other points he made that specific one struck a cord inside of me. He was so thankful about life even as he nears the end of his life. I think it’s good to be able to be moved, and be influenced in life. I tell myself that if I’m not growing and changing all the time, then I am are by all means standing still. I find these words moving still as I rewatched parts of it today. If you haven’t seen the talk I would highly recommend it to anyone. Watch for the head fake at the end.

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. 

– Don’t bail, the best gold is at the bottom of the barrels of crap.

– Feed back loop + listen to it. listen to feed back and  have gratitude.

– Show gratitude.

– Don’t complain, work harder.

– Work hard.

– No one is all evil – find the best in everybody.

– Be prepared – luck is where preparation meets opportunity

– How to lead your life…

– Lead your life the right way. the karma will take care of it self. the dreams will come to you.

– Never give up… there’s always another way around. if it’s not this road… there are other roads to find… you just need to want it bad enough. be daring there are doors that you might not even know existed. ask questions!

– Be good at something, it makes you valuable.


Found via Stash today that the Prometheus promo David was directed by Johnny Hardstaff of RSA and the VFX was done by a London group called Hoxton Redsox. It’s a futuristic product spot sold to you by the product itself. Mind explosion. I also love the use of subtle graphics in this spot.



One of my most favorite storytellers Andrew Stanton from Pixar tells us about his journey to speaking at TED about story. Thank you Andrew for giving us an insight into your world.

Havn’t gotten a change to check out the movie yet, but if the soundtrack is any indication I’m amped to watch Drive this weekend.

For those who love Vampire Weekend. This is a goodie and a oldie found from my buddy Ben a few weeks back. I’m still rocking it on my itunes so I figured I share. I luckily found the live version which I think is a great version of this song.
Vampire Weekend – I\’m going down. (Springsteen Cover)

I love Cee Lo’s version of “No one is going to love you”. The visceral quality of the video is great. Reminds me of the hand held quality of the Go Forth Levi’s commerical. These’s been a movement of adapting the hand held quality into film and video to make it feel more real.

This is the trailer for Terence Malick’s new movie Tree of Life. The look of the film looks amazing. It has that same visceral quality to the camera work I was talking about. You feel like you are right next to them watching on their shoulders. It feels like the 4th wall is getting closer and closer to give you a more authentic experience.

Go Forth. By Cary Fukunaga

I’ve been thinking about service vs art for a while. Being a designer I work with clients. But I also produce projects on my own. I often ask myself how do I get the clients to want what I am producing and not just go with the latest trends. I believe you have to be a leader in whatever it is that you do. Create your own path, create your future clients. You have to produce that product that you truly love and be okay with it if others don’t like it.

I feel like I’ve been unlearning a lot of things I have learned through the school system, and also work. For the past two years I’ve been unlearning some bad habits I have developed along the way. I’ve learned to go with my gut. I’ve learned to say no to clients. I learned where to draw the line of my creative sovereignty. I know what I am and where I must go now.

This video is about influencers and people that follow their own visions. I believe if you are going to be original at all you have to be prepared to be wrong, or else you will not find anything original if you go paths that other people have walked before.