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Category Archives: Hands

Kid Zoom is an Australian  spray paint artist. Fecal face also has on an article on him in the events leading up to his first solo show in NYC.


John Baldessari lets you make your own Renaissance still life.

I love the line quality of Jose Mertz’s work. The subject matter is across between the subconscious and the real flesh.

Hey check it out! Best of Me is one of the projects I am working that will eventually be an animated short. Here’s a sneak peak wallpaper project style thanks to Bobby at Kitsune Noir. Also here is the link to my website as well.

These amazing Darth Maul and Yoda figures are made by Medicom Toy in Japan. They craftsman ship is amazing and with a twist. It’s not your everyday toy. They are available through Suru online.


Milton Glazer talks about the importance of drawing. In his words drawing is thinking. He talks about the fundamentals of drawing as a way of seeing and thinking. Some art schools have gotten rid of drawing as standard and opted for all the computer gadgetry. But what is really missing is once you learn those tools you realize that there is not enough foundation. I’m paraphrasing here but it’s true. I think its important to keep drawing and making things as a designer or artist. It keeps you sharp as a thinker and image maker. Photoshop, Maya, or any computer program won’t replace good thinking. I see them all the same as the pencil, its a tool to get your ideas across. milton

Well if you have 300+K to spend freely I would recommend the new Lexus LFA. I’m not usually a car guy but this one caught my eye. I’ve always wondered who was going to make another car as cool as the Prelude or Supra….well here it is.


I’ve been on a hat hunt lately, it’s fall and it’s hat season for me. I came upon this image and I was pretty intrigued. A hat that doesn’t draw too much attention to  itself yet stands out on its own. I love that type of design. Hard graft is an Australian and English creative team that makes products out of sustainable material. Oh and it looks damn good too. They use 100% Wool felt and premium leather. The item that caught my eye was the new hat they have featured. It goes on sale today! I want one of those!  here are some images.

logo-tumblrPicture 16hardgraft-headwear-00

I’m a huge fan of Geoff Mcfetridge. He’s not only responsible for the hand written scrawl that is all over Where the Wild Things Are ads, but he also is a partner for Solitary Arts. I’ve always been a big fan of Geoff Mcfetridge because of his ability to take ideas and do them in the simplest form. Simplest doesn’t mean it’s easy, its probably one of the hardest things to do. Anyone can make a crazy photo-type-collage, but a lot of times those things are good for a few seconds. The effects of the eye candy fades and your left with nothing after you leave the image. But what GM does is much more he goes to the center of the idea and represents it with simplicity and great thought. The idea is king in all of his designs and illustrations. I hope my designs can have that type of thought and authenticity in the future.