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Directed by Sunday Paper 


Found via Stash today that the Prometheus promo David was directed by Johnny Hardstaff of RSA and the VFX was done by a London group called Hoxton Redsox. It’s a futuristic product spot sold to you by the product itself. Mind explosion. I also love the use of subtle graphics in this spot.



One of my most favorite storytellers Andrew Stanton from Pixar tells us about his journey to speaking at TED about story. Thank you Andrew for giving us an insight into your world.

Mouth taped shut is a blog that catalogues the making of the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. Love the photographs.

Can’t wait to watch this. Neil Kellerhouse is the powerhouse behind the posters. I love how these posters don’t look like the typical hollywood movie posters that have giant heads and big glossy type.

Great Ad for Ikea by Tomas Mankovsky. One of the more clever spots I’ve seen in a while. Surprising and fun.

Havn’t gotten a change to check out the movie yet, but if the soundtrack is any indication I’m amped to watch Drive this weekend.

What a great tagline. I’m a huge fan of the book Moneyball by Micheal Lewis. I guess the movie is coming out this month and I am super curious to see how the book translates on screen. The fact the script is penned by Aaron Sorkin is already a must watch for me. But the source material, the backstory of Billy Bean the Oakland A’s manager is the most interesting story in the book for me. For me it’s about a man’s redemption. The whole book is about proving that just because everyone has been doing it the same way for decades it doesn’t mean you have to follow others. It’s about finding the diamond in the rough. Seeing something from a different angle, that others cannot see.

Saw the trailer for “The Girls with the Dragon Tattoo” this weekend while waiting to watch Xmen – First Class. Right when it started I had that oh shit moment. The “oh shit” moments are hard to come by these days. But this was definitely another one of them conjured up by none other than David F-in Fincher.

I love how it’s a tour de force, non-apologetic in your face trailer that’s like nothing else out there right now. Every trailer these days show’s about 80% percent of the movie hoping you come watch the predictable ending. But this trailer is how trailers should be done! Amazing. The cinematography is so elegant and raw, Fincher’s bringing back his dark side again. Can’t wait to see this film just to see how it’s shot. Being a type geek the type treatment is gritty and just as forceful as the editing. The editing! the editing. awesome.

Directed by David Fincher. Staring Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara ( the ex-girlfriend from the beginning of Social Network). The song in the trailer is from Trent Reznor + Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Song is called “Immigration Song

Saw Black Swan over the holiday. Intense! I’d be surprised if Natalie Portman doesn’t get the Oscar for her performance.