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I love Cee Lo’s version of “No one is going to love you”. The visceral quality of the video is great. Reminds me of the hand held quality of the Go Forth Levi’s commerical. These’s been a movement of adapting the hand held quality into film and video to make it feel more real.

This is the trailer for Terence Malick’s new movie Tree of Life. The look of the film looks amazing. It has that same visceral quality to the camera work I was talking about. You feel like you are right next to them watching on their shoulders. It feels like the 4th wall is getting closer and closer to give you a more authentic experience.

Go Forth. By Cary Fukunaga

Ryan McGinley‘s series of MIA stands out as super simple yet in the moment. The one with MIA on the swing is amazing, how did they shoot that? anyways enjoy.

Usher’s new song “There goes my baby” reminds me of the old soulful R&B of the early 90s with some new school mix in there. Keith Sweat, KC and Jo-Jo would be proud.

You guys gotta watch HBO’s How to make it in America. Really good show. 4 episodes in already like the characters. It’s about a 20’s something group of friends trying to hustle and make it in NYC. It’s really more about “making it” than anything. Every character has their day jobs – the grind and their dreams that they are chasing – the hustle.

Love the photography and how it’s shot. Music is dead on. Check out the mix tape here. Makes me want to go to NYC right now. In the end is about how to be your own boss. The American dream.

Mind blown… wait for the end.

We were Once a Fairy Tale” a short film by Kanye West and Spike Jonze. Wait for the end it’s worth it. The film hits on some level that we all have been through, walking down dark paths, facing our demons, and coming in terms with them.


Kanye_Spike03Picture 3

Man, this takes me back. 3 of my favorite MCs in one song plus DJ premier.