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Iwan Baan shoots NYC after Sandy.


A man’s 23 year old journey around the world. What started out as a 18 month tour in 1989 has continued to this day. This is Gunther Holtorf’s incredible story.  Photography by Gunther Holtorf and David Lemke.

Directed by Sunday Paper 

Mouth taped shut is a blog that catalogues the making of the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. Love the photographs.

Can’t wait to watch this. Neil Kellerhouse is the powerhouse behind the posters. I love how these posters don’t look like the typical hollywood movie posters that have giant heads and big glossy type.

Great Ad for Ikea by Tomas Mankovsky. One of the more clever spots I’ve seen in a while. Surprising and fun.

One is hard of hearing, one has cancer, 3 have heart disease. One dream. Love this commercial. I don’t know if it’s because they’re old Chinese guys, and I project my grandfather into them. But this is really well done. The music is a little cheesy, but the shots great.

It’s interesting this commercial would never work in the states. But it works in asia. I call it the Seinfeld effect… everyone is jaded, and too sarcastic. People hid behind sarcasm so they don’t have to feel anything or engage with anything for too long. It might work as a Harley Davidson commercial maybe. They pull at the hearts string a little too much, but the sentiment and execution is superb.

These videos are amazing! The idea is so simple yet the execution is the hardest part. Made me feel like we were apart of the journey. Had to watch the video over again to see all the places they went to. Amazing.

Saw the trailer for “The Girls with the Dragon Tattoo” this weekend while waiting to watch Xmen – First Class. Right when it started I had that oh shit moment. The “oh shit” moments are hard to come by these days. But this was definitely another one of them conjured up by none other than David F-in Fincher.

I love how it’s a tour de force, non-apologetic in your face trailer that’s like nothing else out there right now. Every trailer these days show’s about 80% percent of the movie hoping you come watch the predictable ending. But this trailer is how trailers should be done! Amazing. The cinematography is so elegant and raw, Fincher’s bringing back his dark side again. Can’t wait to see this film just to see how it’s shot. Being a type geek the type treatment is gritty and just as forceful as the editing. The editing! the editing. awesome.

Directed by David Fincher. Staring Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara ( the ex-girlfriend from the beginning of Social Network). The song in the trailer is from Trent Reznor + Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Song is called “Immigration Song