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Life, by Eva Zeisel (1950)

It’s Life you are living
and life is here.
It’s not sometime later,
it’s now, Jeannie dear.

It’s not a road
with beginning and end.
It leads not anywhere,
it’s the time you spend.

It’s life when the sun shines,
it’s life when it rains,
not where you are going,
but riding the trains.

Life is not a stamp collection
with glimpses of the past.
Life is in the present tense,
the memory while it lasts.

The cloud that hurries gently by,
the bunnies funny leaps,
if you hug them with your eye,
belong to you for keeps.

Don’t think that once will come a day
when all’l be rich and smart
and laughter will be here to stay,
and then real life will start.

Between the not yet gilded past
and the time for which we strive
lies, unnoticed and not to last,
the moment which is life.



The Korean Party rock is here… I can’t get this song and dancing out of my head so I decided to post and get it in your heads as well. #GANGNAMSTYLE

Music video by Kalle Mattson the city shots in this video are amazing, especially the ones where the camera is spinnig around. These animated gifs of the city of SF are RAD. 

Love the idea of this series of Nike futbol commercials.Write the future.  What if you can see the consequence of every move you make, every split second decision can change the fate of your nation, the adoration of your fans, and effect the very fabric of your own fate. The idea of having the ability to change history with every decision made on the field is brilliant.

Staring Wayne Rooney, Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, and even a guess appearance by Kobe.

I gotta find some time to go to the SFMOMA this weekend. One of my favorite artist Barry Mcgee has an new installation up.

James Turrel is an artist that explores light and space with in a controlled environment where he can manipulate the audience’s perception of light.


Blu is a Bueno Aires motion painting artist that was responsible for the amazing video MUTO. Now he has combined forces with renown artist David Ellis to bring motion painting to another level.